Like many creative personalities, my artistic journey began rather early in life. Although young and inexperienced, I was determined to undertake whatever expressive outlet I could get my hands on.

And so began my voyage; touching, analyzing, replicating and imitating all that came my way. From jewelry making to hip hop dance, poetry writing to cutting hair, I had to try them all. After many years of dabbling with just about every creative genre imaginable, I decided to focus my energy on one of my earliest callings – hair. What's fun for me about hair, and makeup for that matter, is the fact that I see each person that comes my way as a fresh canvas of potential. I'm less about imposing styles, and more about finding the look that works for that person. 

For me this is more than a job - its fun(!) Its a way to connect, a way to make top quality wigs more accessible, and a way to meet awesome Jewish women. 

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